Services a Tax Refund Firm Can Offer You

When you're overwhelmed with the task of filing your tax return, you can relieve that burden by having a tax refund firm do the work on your behalf. But if this is your first time considering the use of these professionals, here are some of the services they can offer you.

Tax Return Filing -- Obviously, one of the biggest services these firms can offer you is filing your tax return. The word 'filing' doesn't just mean sending your return off to the Tax Office, it also involves a certified public accountant taking a look at all your receipts and expenses to determine how to maximise your deductions, and how to reduce your taxable income. Whether you've contributed to charitable organisations, travelled on business, used your own car in the course of your daily work or used personal equipment such as a computer for work purposes, a CPA can identify areas in which you can make deductions, some of which you may not have know about, such as deducting gym membership fees if you are an actor or model. In addition to identifying deductions, CPAs can also find areas in which you made errors to prevent the Australian Tax Office from conducting an audit.

Digital Return -- These days, you can hire a tax refund firm without ever leaving your home. Many of these firms are fully digital, which means you can mail or scan all your documents to them, and never have to meet in person, using the phone, email and online chat rooms as your exclusive means of communication. Tax refund firms also allow you to sign your return digitally, or by scanning, so everything involved in the return is handled without you having to make an appointment. Digital returns are a convenience for people who are busy and need tax return help, but just don't have the time to make an appointment with a tax return firm. In addition to convenience, digital tax returns also give CPAs the ability to file your return electronically, which is especially beneficial if you're expecting a refund as electronic returns are handled quicker than ones that are mailed, and your refund is automatically deposited into your bank account, also a much quicker mode of delivery than the post office.

Tax Extensions -- In some cases, due to your own tardiness or a circumstance beyond your control, you may not be able to file your return by the October 31 due date. A tax refund firm (such as Taxwise) can file what is known as a tax extension request with the ATO, requesting that more time is given for you to file the return. The firm will take care of communicating with the ATO representatives and explaining the reasons for the delay.